The Spirit Life Just Got Better!

New Spirit Life Decal & T-Shirts Available!

Original Designs Exclusively From Spirit Life

Express yourself and let your light shine!

Custom options are available. Simply contact us with your request. Ideas can include having artwork on the back, additional color options or reducing artwork for “pocket-style” application. Personalize and make it yours!

Our New Spirit Life Vinyl Decal

Available Now! Accessorize any smooth surface with our new Spirit Life decal. It’s water-resistant and applies easily with no sticky residue. Just clean the surface where it’s going to be applied, then peel and stick.

The standard size is 8.75”W x 3.5”H in light grey. Share it with your friends, sports team, or group.

Free Shipping for Decals!

Lots of Applications for Your Decal

It’s water & car wash resistant and applies to any smooth surface!

Addtional Printed T-Shirt Designs Coming Soon!
Ask us about custom options at

Apply Your Spirit Life Decal in 3 Easy Steps – Just Peel & Stick!

Step 1
Use rubbing alcohol or soap and water to prepare the surface. Avoid Windex or other products that may leave a residue on the surface and prevent adhesion.
Step 2
Carefully peel the sticker off the protective backing, paying attention to the corners to prevent bending.
Step 3
Slowly place the decal on the surface and rub firmly into place using your fingers or credit card and you’re done!